UMA u.d.1.

driver system for unipolar stepper motors

UMA u.d. manual driver can operate unipolar stepper motors between 0 and 1000 steps/sec. Motor power supply can be 6-12V DC with a maxium current 500 mA each phase. Set contains control unit with 1,5m cable power adaptor unit and an accumulator.


Low and fast speed can be changed, set up and memorized as well as two (software)  limit stop positions.


Control unit can handle an external open-close switch as hardware zero point. In case of using zero-switch, after power turning on system makes an initial sequence towards the zero switch. After detecting switch system goes back to the position in which it was before turning on, while counting number of steps. Zero point (hardware limit) can serve as base for limit stops and other memory functions. 



Normal functions:
press "L": go left (towards zero point)
press "R": go right (or backward)
press "LS": change to low speed
press "RS": change to high speed
press "LS" continously and press "L": decrease low speed value
press "LS" continously and press "R": increase low speed value 
press "RS" continously and press "L": decrease high speed value
press "RS" continously and press "R": increase high speed value 
press "LS" and "RS" continously and press "R": store right limit position (set right software limit)
press "LS" and "RS" continously and press "L": store left limit position (set left software limit)
press "LS" and "RS" simultanously for 3 sec: store adjustments into memory

press "L" and "R" simultanously for 2 sec minimum:  disable software limits
press "HS" for 2 sec minimum: disable initial sequence and software limits
press "LS" and "HS" simultanously for 2 sec minimum: disable hardware limit, software limits and initial sequence 

RESET(restoring factory default):
Before turning on, press all four buttons and keep pressed at least 8 seconds after turning on.